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Oleh Valeriyovych Protasov is a Ukrainian former footballer who played as a striker. He was a key member of the Soviet Union national team throughout the .Consider diet Kim Protasov with the description by week. It is designed for five weeks. Such a short period of time to comply with a special diet – a definite advantage, because most of the techniques weight loss has a much longer period.Among many girls and women who have decided to change cardinally the life and to say goodbye to excess weight Kim Protasov's diet enjoys wide popularity.Kim Protasov diet involves intake of vitamin B complex to compensate for the lack of trace elements. It is also necessary to calorie daily diet was 1200-1400 calories. It is also necessary to calorie daily diet was 1200-1400 calories.The output from the diet Kim Protasov. 1) Replace part of dairy products. We take a very low-fat (0.5-1% fat), and the payment is added to vegetable oil to salads.Pluses and minuses of the Protasov’s diet - Protasov’s diet does not limit the amount of the food you can eat. It is the most advantage of the Protasov’s diet and it is very good from the psychological point of view - to sustain such diet is easier, than many other things.Kim Diet Protasova leírás Diet Kim Protasov csak ad drámai eredményeket csak öt nedel.Pervaya héten elkötelezett enni többnyire nyers zöldsé protasov’s diet The length of the diet is five weeks. FIRST WEEK DAY ONE, as well as day second, third, and so the whole week you eat ONLY: raw vegetables, cheeses and yogurts.The diet of Kim Protasov has practically no drawbacks. Its menu is relatively diverse, the dishes are tasty and useful, the effect is tangible and long-lasting.Kim Protasov diet can consume a sufficient amount of protein contained in eggs and natural dairy products. Due to this process of losing weight is fat goes away, and not muscle tissue. The menu of the first and second weeks of diet Kim Protasov. Portions of food and mode of consumption is not regulated.Diet Kim Protasov diet The length of the diet is 5 weeks. The meaning of the diet is to eat as many vegetables and five per cent of dairy products. Coffee and tea are allowed to drink in any quantity (at the same time and forgetting about sugar), and water need to be mandatory to….Kim Protasov’s diet – the essence, features The meaning of this diet is to consume the maximum number of vegetables and certain dairy products , as well as limit the usual amount of sweets and carbohydrates , which are distinguished by a high glycemic index.Известный израильский диетолог Ким Протасов создал легко запоминающуюся диету, следуя которой всего за пять недель можно избавиться от .Jun 12, 2013 I am visiting my parents at the moment. I was quite surprised when my mum told me that my dad is on the diet. He is diabetic and his sugar went .The diet of Protasov with such diseases is the reason for the aggravation. Meat is forbidden by the Protasov diet because of fats Therefore, only lean meat (fish, chicken, turkeys) is permissible and only after the first weeks of the diet expire.The duration of the diet for weight loss Kim Protasov - five weeks (and less and can not be, when it comes to healthy weight loss). Let us consider in detail each week. Week 1 and 2: raw vegetables; cheese and yogurt (natural or yogurt), 5% fat; 1 hard boiled egg a day; 3 green apples.